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Gi60 is an international playwriting festival that began in 2004. Steve Ansell from Leeds University (UK) had the idea to create a season that showcased orginal writing with each piece lasting just a minute. Gi60 was born, 60 one-minute plays. Brooklyn College (USA) soon got wind of the idea and joined the Gi60 brand, annually producing their own season.


Our Artistic Director, Cameron Mattox, visited Brooklyn College in 2013 and instantly liked the concept. He lobbied both Leeds and Brooklyn and in 2014 Hagley successfully staged our own Gi60 event.

In 2015 we went a step further - still original writing and directing but we added the element of live streaming - to the world! With technical assistance from a crew at NZ Broadcasting School we set up the cabling and cameras and broadcast live across the internet. Some nervous times but it all worked out - just as well because some of our international authors were glued to their screens at ridiculous times to watch their plays being performed!


Some of the past performances can be viewed online on our YouTube channel, TheatrecoHagley.


Gi60x (as it's known in New Zealand) will feature more homegrown and international works this August!

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